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The first autonomous electric wheel
integrating motor and batteries
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premiere roue motorisee ez Wheel 0

Power any rolling equipment dedicated to

load handling or people transportation, quickly and easily.

Thousands of daily users
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ez-Wheel proposes the first electric wheel featuring embedded motor, batteries and electronics, bringing electrical assistance to rolling equipment used indoors and outdoors. Thanks to optimal integration of the motor, batteries, and electronics inside the hub, the wheel can be fixed quickly and easily – a safe, clean and quiet solution.

Technologie de notre roue électrique
Technologie de notre roue électrique
Technologie de notre roue électrique
Technologie de notre roue électrique
Technologie de notre roue électrique
All components of the autonomous wheel are contained in a a robust and totally waterproof cover. The wheel is able to operate in the toughest environments.
The energy embedded in the wheel is stored in a cutting-edge Ni-MH battery. Built to last, rock-solid and reliable, this technology is also one of the safest available on the market.
The high torque and ultra-compact drive is ensured by a high-tech permanent magnet motor, and a mechanical reducer fully integrated into the wheel’s architecture.
The brain of the wheel is powered by two microcontrollers and two real-time operating systems. It enables wireless communication, battery management and full customization of the wheel’s features.
The user interface is extremely simple. It includes the wheel’s recharge connector, a diagnostic button, and lights indicating the wheel, battery level and wireless communication status.
Our motorised assistance solutions

Range of autonomous wheels

Your partner for heavy duty movement

Production cycle optimization.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows improving production cycle while preserving the health of operators. Motorize any rolling equipment in industry such as heavy load carriers, industrial hand trucks or special machinery.
Visuel domaine industry
realisation serie 300I heavy duty platform
realisation serie 150I tool trolley
realisation serie 300I heavy load carrier
Logistics flow optimization.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows improving logistics flow while preserving the health of operators. Motorize any rolling equipment in automotive industry such as milk run trolleys, towed trailers or kitting trolleys.
Visuel domaine automotive
realisation serie 150I conveyor
realisation serie 300I towed trailers
realisation serie 300I platform
Food processing
Handling optimization in harsh environments.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows improving inter-units logistics while preserving the health of operators. Motorize any rolling equipment in food processing industry such as pusher/pullers of DIN9797 tanks, stainless steel tanks or drum trolleys.
Visuel domaine food processing
realisation serie 300F pusher puller
realisation serie 300F mobile tank
realisation serie 300F drum trolley
Logistics / Retail
Support the production rate increase.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling engine allows supporting the production rate increase while preserving the health of order picker. Motorize any rolling equipment in logistics and retail sector such as order preparation trolleys, picking trolleys or pusher/puller.
Visuel domaine logistics retail
realisation serie 300I pusher puller
realisation serie 160M order preparation trolley
realisation serie 160M picking trolley
Healthcare workers support.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows preserving the health of healthcare workers.
Motorize any rolling equipment in medical sector such as patient transfer, laundry trolleys, pusher/puller, catering trolleys…
Visuel domaine medical
realisation serie 160M catering trolley
realisation serie 160M Hot&cold food cart
realisation serie 160M transfer chair
For an efficient and safe manual handling.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows preserving the health of pharmaceutical workers and improving productivity. Motorize any rolling equipment operating in pharmaceutical sector such as stainless-steel tanks, picking trolleys, drum trolleys.
Visuel domaine pharma
realisation serie 300M tank pharma
Clean and quiet mobility solution.
Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment or vehicle facilitates and optimizes every trips.
Motorize any rolling equipment in entertainment sector such as stage machinery, food carts, street trolleys, parade floats.
realisation serie 300I parade float
realisation serie 300I parade float
realisation serie 300I sport equipment
realisation serie 10 parade float
Daily green mobility.
Adding an electrical motorization on rolling equipment or vehicles facilitates and optimizes every daily trip while preserving environment. Motorize any rolling equipment used in public spaces such as street trolleys, land drone, delivery carts.
realisation serie 10 agricultural drone
realisation serie 10 street trolley
realisation serie 10 agricultural drone
Our solutions for automated movements

SWD® range

Collaborative automation out of the box

Industrial Automation
Autonomous mobile production tools.
SWD® solutions make all the production equipment of the Factory of the Future mobile and autonomous on the move, regardless of their size and operating cycles.
! Automatisation industrielle
Les roues SWD 150 permettent d'équiper les robots mobiles pour la menutention de charges en usine
Train de chariots équipés de roues Series 300I tractés par un AGV.JPG
Warehouse Robotisation
Means for automated logistics.
SWD® solutions enable the automation of all order picking, Good-to-Man, automated storage or pallet and package conveying applications for the modern logistics warehouse.
! Robotisation entrepots
Le format du moteur SWD Core est adapté aux robots de transfert de bacs et palettes
Les roues SWD 150 facilitent le développement de robots logistiques collaboratifs
Industrial transition
Tools for automated load transfer.
SWD drives can be adapted to all load transfer axis automation needs in intralogistics, with a minimum of development and integration effort. The certified safety control bricks accelerate the market introduction of innovative solutions that comply with applicable regulations.
! Transitique industrielle
Les motorisations SWD permettent d'automatiser les applications de transitique 2
Trois axes du Smart Pallet Mover sont motorisés par le moteur sécuritaire SWD Core
Collaborative Robots
AGV, AGC and AMR development accelerator.
The new SWD® technology allows to robotize a rolling machine with only 3 components: two SWD® wheels and a safety scanner. The engineering effort to develop a safety compliant mobile robot is drastically reduced and can cut development costs by a factor of 5, and the absence of bulky components offers complete freedom of robot layout and shape.
! Robots collaboratifs
Robot collaboratif équipé de deux roues SWD 150 et d'un scanner de sécurité
SWD 150 wheels are particularly suitable for collaborative robots in hospital environments

[Breaking news] ez-Wheel joins the IDEC Corporation group.

IDEC Corporation announces that it has acquired 80% of the shares of ez-Wheel SAS, as from August 1st, 2023.
Actu ez Wheel signs a strategic partnership agreement with the Japanese group IDEC

Strategic partnership agreement with IDEC

On January 24, ez-Wheel and the Japanese leader in HMI (Human Machine Interface) IDEC signed a strategic partnership agreement.
user word ez Wheel  LILLY EN 1

[ User word! ]

Almost two years after the discovery of ez-Wheel® solutions, Mr. Welterlin - Laboratories Technical Services Team Leader at LILLY PRODUCTION FEGERSHEIM - tells how ez-Wheel® wheels has helped to control...
ez wheel actu IP69K EN

[New] The 300F Series wheel is IP69K!

After several months of development, the new version of the electric wheel dedicated to movement assistance of heavy loads in food processing is ready to be marketed.  Ideal for motorizing...
ez Wheel user word SCANIA 2021 00

[ User word! ]

From the discovery of ez-Wheel® solutions to the assessment after one year of use, Mr Gelineau - Process Engineer at Scania Production Angers - comes back to all the major...
EZ WHEEL handling award 2020

And the Winner is…

The good news has just come; the ez-Wheel® safety wheel drive for AGV and AMR takes first place on the HANDLING AWARD podium in the “Automation” category.To know more: safetywheeldrive.com
actu ez Wheel produire en france

They talk about us in the press!

Discover the full interview with Antoine, our CEO, in the PRODUIRE EN FRANCE magazine.From the birth of the project to the marketing of the products on an international scale, Antoine...
actu ez Wheel Origine france garantie

Renewal of the "OFG" label

We are proud to announce the renewal of the Origine France Garantie label of our products!This label, awarded by the organizations Pro France and Bureau Veritas France, is obtained in...
actu ez Wheel e commerce

Let's make e-Commerce easier!

Trolley trains powered by ez-Wheel wheels facilitate and optimise order picking at Cdiscount.
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