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Motorized assistance in the automotive industry

Visuel domaine automotive

Logistics flow optimization

Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling equipment allows improving logistics flow while preserving the health of operators. Motorize any rolling equipment in automotive industry such as milk run trolleys, towed trailers or kitting trolleys with ez-Wheel® electric wheels.

Our product offer is made for responding the automotive sector's requirements:


  • supply rate intensification
  • stock-outs and production stops decrease
  • flexible handling between different processing units


  • peak pushing effort reduction
  • working conditions improvement
  • easy, safe and intuitive use

Our solutions for the automotive industry

Solutions with a high level of performance, integration and adaptability.

[+] Foot control platforms motorization to follow the overhead line movement

Operators movements may be also assisted by electric wheel ez-Wheel®. Motorized platform can be foot-controlled, allowing the operator to follow the overhead line movement.

[+] Charging at workstation

ezW300I/CCR and ezW150I ez-Wheel® electric wheels, can be recharged on each back-to-workstation. The built-in batteries are designed to go though many micro-charging cycles without any premature ageing risks.

[+] Sensitive control : for an accurate and comfortable use

The ezRPP/UC push-pull sensitive control resulting from collaboration with a well-known automotive group, is perfect for manoeuvring on the shop floor.

ez Wheel Serie 300I CC 150I
realisation serie 150I conveyor

Conveyor transfer car equipped with an ez-Wheel® Series 150I electric wheel

realisation serie 300I towed trailers

Towed trailers dedicated to heavy loads transportation motorized by an ez-Wheel® Series 300I electric wheel

realisation serie 300I platform

Platform motorized with a Series 300I electric wheel

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ez-Wheel products adapted to the sector

electric wheel series 300i ccr 0
picto regen EN picto serial EN
  • industrial handling tools
  • towed rolling equipment
  • trolleys
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 300 mm
Max vertical load Up to 300 kg
Speed 0 to 9 km/h
Type of tyre 80 sh.A polyurethane
Nominal performance 12 daN at 6 km/h
Battery capacity 240 Wh
Peak torque 52 Nm
Pushing effort 35 daN / 1000 kg moved
Ref. ezW150I
electric wheel serie 150I 0
picto shockproof EN
  • industrial trolleys
  • rolling equipment for factories
  • mobile workstations and tools
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 150 mm
Max vertical load Up to 400 kg
Speed 0 à 5 km/h
Type of tyre 92 sh.A extrathane
Nominal performance 15 daN at 4 km/h
Battery capacity 0/70/140 Wh (0/1/2 batteries)
Peak torque 27 Nm
Pushing effort 35 daN / 1 ton moved
Option(s) Parking brake /B, Additional battery
Control Ref. ezRPP/UC
accessoires smart control ezrpp uc 1
picto IP54 EN picto serial EN picto wireless EN
  • towed trailers
  • mobile platforms
  • (...)
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