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Development of autonomous mobile robots

! Robots collaboratifs

AGV, AGC and AMR development accelerator

The new SWD® technology allows to robotize a rolling machine with only 3 components: two SWD® wheels and a safety scanner. The engineering effort to develop a safety compliant mobile robot is drastically reduced and can cut development costs by a factor of 5, and the absence of bulky components offers complete freedom of robot layout and shape.

Safety and reliability requirements: 

  • Exclusive ISO 3691-4 compliant safety features
  • Direct compatibility with all SIL2/PLd safety scanners

Integrator expectations: 

  • Pre-configured control and safety routines
  • Minimum footprint to facilitate customised solutions

Users : 

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Easy robot maintenance

Our solutions for warehouse robotisation

Simple and versatile mobile robots!

[+] Built-in operational safety

SWD® wheels are equipped with a certified safety controller that processes information from the robot's safety sensors to prevent unsafe movements.

[+] Modularity and freedom of implementation

Never before has a mobile robot architecture been so simple and uncluttered, giving designers of robotic solutions complete freedom to be creative!

[+] Faster and cheaper development

Functions that are usually complex to develop and certify are directly accessible and pre-configured, saving effort and implementation costs, and ensuring compliance with ISO 3691-4.

Safety Wheel Drive warehouse robotisation ez Wheel
Les roues SWD 150 sont particulièrement adaptées aux robots collaboratifs pour les milieux hospitaliers

SWD® 150 wheels are particularly suitable for collaborative robots in hospital environments

Robot collaboratif équipé de deux roues SWD 150 et d'un scanner de sécurité

 Collaborative robot equipped with two SWD® 150 wheels and a safety scanner

ez-Wheel products adapted to the sector

Ref. ezSWD150IH.14/C
roue electrique SWD 150 2
  • mobile robotics
  • AGVs
  • AMRs
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 150 mm
Max vertical load Up to 700 kg
Speed 0 to 3 km/h
Type of tyre PU 92 sh. A – Flat profile
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Battery capacity 100 Wh
Peak torque 45 Nm
Pushing effort 60 daN / 1.5t moved
Option(s) Additional battery, Parking brake /B
Ref. ezSWD125IM.4/C
electric wheel swd 125
  • mobile robotics
  • AGVs
  • AMRs
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 125 mm
Max vertical load Up to 250 kg
Speed 0 to 9 km/h
Type of tyre PU 80 sh. A – Flat profile
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Peak torque 12 Nm
Pushing effort 20 daN / 500 kg moved
Option(s) Parking brake /B
Ref. ezSWDcore.14/C
Visuels SWD Core 2
  • Mobile robots
  • Pallet shuttles
  • Lift trucks
  • Conveyors
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Speed 0 to 130 rpm
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Peak torque 37 Nm
Option(s) Parking Brake /B
Nominal performance 20 Nm at 100 rpm
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
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