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Development kit

Development kit for AGV and AMR
SWD Starter Kit DET 02

The Starter Kit is designed to facilitate and accelerate the development of AGVs and AMRs using ez-Wheel's exclusive SWD® Safety Wheel Drive technology.

Pre-assembled with a safety scanner, an on-board computer and a 24V rechargeable battery, the Starter Kit platform is ready to use: start developing your mobile robot right away!

The embedded computer comes with a Linux OS, as well as ROS open-source middleware and the drivers required for differential-mode control of the platform.

The Starter Kit offers all the exclusive safety features of the SWD® Safety Wheel Drive range such as SIL2 / PLd certified motion control, ensuring development in accordance with the ISO 3691-4 driverless truck standard.

Main features of the Starter Kit:

  • Two SWD® Core motors with 125 mm castors
  • One SIL2 / PLd safety scanner (compatible with SICK, PILZ, IDEC...)
  • An industrial PC with Linux OS, ROS and SWD® motorization drivers pre-installed and operational
  • Safety features according to ISO 3691-4

Which devices for which use?

SWD® Starter Kit
SWD Starter Kit DET 02
  • AGV
  • AGC
  • AMR
Main Specifications
Motorization SWD® Core
Sensor Scanner LiDAR SIL2 / PLd
Speed range 0 to 3.1 km/h
Battery 24 V – 9 Ah
OS Linux / ROS
Videos of our applications
ez-wheel-application videoChariot desserte
ezwheel ez-wheel $application->title

Educational project led by ENSEIRB-MATMECA students integrating a Starter Kit

ez-wheel-application videoChariot desserte
ezwheel ez-wheel $application->title

Platform robotised by a SWD® Starter Kit and controlled by a navigation application developed by AKKA Research.

Photos of our achievements
SWD® Starter Kit

SWD® Starter Kit


SWD® Core: safety gear motor with 125 mm castors


SWD® Safety Hub: central interconnection box for intuitive connection


SIL2 / PLd safety scanner compatible with all safety laser scanners on the market

The integrated safety functions allow risk anticipation

The integrated safety functions allow risk anticipation

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