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SWD® 150 Safety wheel drive

The first safety wheel drive for AGV/AMR
roue electrique SWD 150 2

The new SWD® range, in addition to integrating electric traction functions, now includes a complete IT system allowing it to operate autonomously and safely in its environment.

The combination of SWD with safety scanners addresses the functional needs of mobile robots, in full compliance with global machine safety regulations.

The SWD wheels are compatible with all safety laser scanners on the market, ensuring a SIL2/PLd level safety package.

Main features of the range:

  • Ø 150 mm
  • 1500 kg moved
  • IP66 index
  • PU 92 sh.A flat profile
  • Safe motion control functions
ez-wheel origin guarantee garantie

Which wheel for which use?

Ref. ezSWD150/CAN
roue electrique SWD 150 2
  • mobile robotics
  • industrial automation
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 150 mm
Max vertical load Up to 700 kg
Speed 0 to 3 km/h
Type of tyre PU 92 sh. A – Flat profile
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Battery capacity 100 Wh
Peak torque 45 Nm
Pushing effort 60 daN / 1.5t moved
Option(s) Parking brake /B
Photos of our achievements
SWD Safety Wheel Drive

SWD_Safety Wheel Drive

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