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Automation for 4.0 Industry

! Automatisation industrielle

Autonomous mobile production tools

SWD® solutions make all the production equipment of the Factory of the Future mobile and autonomous on the move, regardless of their size and operating cycles.

Safety and reliability requirements:

  • Exclusive safety features in accordance with ISO 3691-4 
  • Products qualified for intensive use

Integrators' expectations:

  • Modularity and total freedom of integration 
  • Simple and maintainable technological bricks


  • Diversity of application to rolling stock
  • Coherent and compatible ecosystem

Our solutions for industrial automation

Robotisation of all rolling stock, from a few kg to several tons!

[+] More than one tonne of load moved per motorised axle

SWD® 150 wheels and SWD® Core motors can move up to 1.5 tonnes per motor on flat concrete floors. The drives can be easily linked to provide multi-wheel or multi-axle systems capable of moving several tonnes.

[+] High resistance to shock and vibration

With their reinforced cast iron housings and hubs, SWD® 150 wheels can withstand severe shock and vibration and loads up to 700 kg per wheel.

[+] Simple and standardised interfaces

SWD® drives have standard CANopen CiA/DS 402 interfaces for motor control, and safety loops ready to connect to all safety sensors on the market.

Gamme SWD
Les roues SWD 150 permettent d'équiper les robots mobiles pour la menutention de charges en usine

The SWD® 150 wheels are used to equip mobile robots for handling loads in the factory

Train de chariots équipés de roues Series 300I tractés par un AGV.JPG

Train of Series 300I wheeled trucks pulled by an AGV

ez-Wheel products adapted to the sector

Ref. ezSWD150IH.14/C
roue electrique SWD 150 2
  • mobile robotics
  • AGVs
  • AMRs
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 150 mm
Max vertical load Up to 700 kg
Speed 0 to 3 km/h
Type of tyre PU 92 sh. A – Flat profile
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Battery capacity 100 Wh
Peak torque 45 Nm
Pushing effort 60 daN / 1.5t moved
Option(s) Additional battery, Parking brake /B
Ref. ezSWD125IM.4/C
electric wheel swd 125
  • mobile robotics
  • AGVs
  • AMRs
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 125 mm
Max vertical load Up to 250 kg
Speed 0 to 9 km/h
Type of tyre PU 80 sh. A – Flat profile
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Peak torque 12 Nm
Pushing effort 20 daN / 500 kg moved
Option(s) Parking brake /B
Ref. ezSWDcore.14/C
Visuels SWD Core 2
  • Mobile robots
  • Pallet shuttles
  • Lift trucks
  • Conveyors
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Speed 0 to 130 rpm
Nominal performance 185 W (S1)
Peak torque 37 Nm
Option(s) Parking Brake /B
Nominal performance 20 Nm at 100 rpm
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
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