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15 years of Smart Mobility

For our fifteenth anniversary, we are proud to reflect on a journey marked by pioneering innovations and significant challenges.

Let's look back together at the remarkable milestones that have shaped ez-Wheel.

2007: The Idea is Born

The prospect of easily motorizing anything that rolls is emerging.

2009: ez-Wheel is Created

Leveraging our unique expertise, we introduced the world’s first self-propelled wheel, the "Assist Wheel Drive." (The Series 300 for insiders)

2014: Going Global

We expanded our reach, facilitating manual handling for thousands of workers worldwide.

2017: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

What if the wheel could be even smarter? Challenge accepted. We set to work and embarked on a new development.

2021: Revolutionizing Robotics

We launched the "Safety Wheel Drive” to enable the simplest mobile robot setup ever for AGVs and AMRs.

2023: Joining the IDEC Group

With a history spanning 75 years, IDEC Group is a global manufacturer and a leader in automation products.

Together, we are committed to providing smart solutions to meet all industrial mobility needs globally.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of this exciting journey.

Many more years of innovations and success to come!

Thank you all!

Ez-Wheel Team