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ez-Wheel® devices

High level of compatibility
controls and accessories assistance

ez-Wheel® controls and actuators have been developed for easy and quick integration on any type of rolling equipment.

The ez-Wheel brochure, available for download in the "DOWNLOAD" section, includes a complete range of wireless controls and predefined cables, ready for use.

Categories of accessories:

  • Smart controls
  • APEM joysticks
  • Switches and cables
  • Batteries
  • Mechanical accessories
  • Chargers and cables

Which devices for which use?

Control Ref. ezRTH/W
accessoires smart control ezRTH W 0
picto IP54 EN picto wireless EN
  • pusher/pullers
  • industrial hand trucks
  • heavy load carriers
Control Ref. ezRTH/W/IP
accessories smart control ezRTH W IP 0
picto IP65 EN picto wireless EN picto horn EN
  • pusher/pullers
  • food processing machines
  • outdoor applications
Joystick Ref. ezAAR
accessories smart control ezAAR
picto IP67 EN
  • joystick APEM 3000 Series
  • manual trucks
  • industrial motors
Joystick Ref. ezAARmini
accessories smart control ezAARmini
picto IP67 EN
  • APEM Series TS joystick
  • medical carts
  • control panels
Control Ref. ezRPP/UC
accessories smart control ezRPP UC 0
picto IP54 EN picto serial EN picto wireless EN
  • towed trailers
  • mobile platforms
  • (...)