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[New] The 300F Series wheel is IP69K!

After several months of development, the new version of the electric wheel dedicated to movement assistance of heavy loads in food processing is ready to be marketed. 

Ideal for motorizing rolling machines such as pullers/pushers, stainless steel tanks, production machines (...), the new Series 300F is:

  • full stainless steel, waterproof and monobloc, 
  • with a wireless and a waterproof command, 
  • moves 1 ton, 
  • IP69K qualified.

To be IP69K qualified, the ez-Wheel® Series 300F endured extensive and particularly severe testing by the independent organization SGS France and governed by the ISO20653 standard. 

What is the IP69K?

IP69K was originally developed for high pressure and high temperature cleaning applications. Equipment enclosures must be dust tight (IP6X), but also withstand high pressure at high temperature (9K).

What are the test conditions?

  • A pipe supplied with water at 80°C
  • A pressure of 80 bars 
  • A water flow rate of 14 liters/min
  • (...)

Freshly IP69K qualified, the wheel can evolve serenely in rough and wet environments and endure intensive and regular cleaning.

IP69K   post RS 10
IP69K   post RS 11
IP69K   post RS 12
IP69K   post RS 13
IP69K   post RS 14